There nothing else that foreign powers and human rights groups can do but state their case. Either the regime will recognize the need for a change of strategy, or it will hide from reality long enough to stoke even greater rage among its people. The ultimate outcome is likely to be the same: people will continue to gain leverage against that regime.

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I should probably point out that while the tweet was

There nothing else that foreign powers and human rights groups can do but state their case. Either the regime will recognize the need for a change […]
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So, I’m reading this book on getting over one’s ex. After revisiting my need to seek anatta so I can let go of attachment. I’m still […]
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The point is not that he survived that kind of discipline as a child and grew up to be a well adjusted adult and parent. The […]
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Kickoff against Tech (to air on ABC) had something to do with the decision. Games against Oklahoma and Kansas when he played like he’d been doing […]