PRV stands for Piscine Orthoreovirus. It is believed to cause the salmon disease Heart and Skeletal Muscle Inflammation, or HSMI, which causes heart lesions. In Norway, HSMI has caused farmed salmon mortality of up to 35 per cent. But the state’s research turned up an intriguing pattern: Wherever a third of the land was covered by grasses or other perennials, the lakes and streams were significantly healthier. That’s largely because far less soil was discharged into the water by rain and spring snowmelt, said George Boody, executive director of the Land Stewardship Project. The dirt that flows from bare fields into streams and creeks is the vehicle that carries pollutants and makes the water cloudy enough to kill plants and fish..

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PRV stands for Piscine Orthoreovirus. It is believed to cause the salmon disease Heart and Skeletal Muscle Inflammation, or HSMI, which causes heart lesions. In Norway, […]
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You should call each other to holiness without being too invested in the struggles of the other person. Emotionally you should be more open to sharing […]
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Kevin Hickey, chef at The Duck Inn, which has a large outdoor patio in Bridgeport, said the news was not „a big surprise“ to him. „Immediately […]
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