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9. septembra 2016
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10. septembra 2016

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Washington battled into second place by winning doubleheadersImprobably, the Washington Nationals (or Senators as they were more familiarly known at the time) were in a dogfight for first place with the Detroit Tigers. Weather had wreaked havoc on Washington’s schedule and after playing seven doubleheaders in July, the Nats faced five consecutive doubleheaders from Aug. 1 5..

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china Despise or admire this show with a passion. Scream Queens is specifically for 90s slasher movie buffs. The plot documents a group of college students who starts getting killed one after the other. The lighter green on the chevron pattern was too close to the Seattle Sounders rave green and the chevron shape looked out of place right under therave green neckline. The kit will always hold a special place in Timbers historybecause it the jersey that Portland wore when it won the MLS Cup, but there is a reason why the Timberswore their third kit for the rest of the playoff run that year.Photo: Thomas Boyd/2011No. 8: 2012 13 Third KitWhen we first unveiled our kit rankings ahead of the 2017 season, our decision to rank the2012 13third kits as low as we did was particularly controversial. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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